Do I have to attend your church?

Attendance at Harvest (or any church) is not a requirement to play.  If you attend another church, we want you to attend your home church.  If you don’t attend a church, we’d love to have you visit us for a service… but it’s not a requirement to play.  We believe in providing an opportunity for kids to play soccer in a faith-friendly environment without requiring you to attend a church service.

Why must my child attend an evaluation day?

At Evaluation Day each child will be put through a series of drills (shooting, dribbling, running, passing, etc….) to determine each child’s athletic ability. Each player will earn points at each station based upon their performance. Based upon the total of scores earned at each station, the child will be automatically drafted and placed on a team by the Upward League Manager computer program to ensure equally competitive teams.

Each child will also be fitted for his/her uniform at Evaluation day.

Payment of league registration fees is made at Evaluation Day (if you haven’t already paid online and pre-registered), as well as signing of all permission slips and waivers.

When and where is evaluation day?

Eval 1: 3/4/2017 9:00am – 1:00pm
Eval 2: 3/25/2017 9:00am – 1:00pm
(Only ONE evaluation day is required.  Allow approximately 20-25 minutes for your child’s evaluation)

Harvest Assembly of God
8075 Dellinger Rd.
Galloway, OH 43119

What ages can participate?

Upward soccer is open to all children ages K/5 yrs old to 6th grade – Boys & Girls

Can my child play on a team with his/her friends?

We will try and honor all the request for family and friends to remain together on the same team as long as the competitive balance is not tipped. For example, If there are 2 “A” players in a given age group, these two players would not be allowed to be on the same team regardless of friendship request. Harvest reserves the right to maintain competitive balance in the league and will not compromise on this principal. All reasonable requests that do not unfairly tip the competitive balance will be considered. There is a place on the Registration Form to request these requests.

What will my child receive after Evaluation day?

After Evaluation day is over, Harvest will order each child’s Winners Kit. Each child’s “Winners Kit” from Upward will include the following items usually given out on the first practice date:

Reversible Game Jersey
One pair of soccer socks
Water bottle
Upward Car Magnet
Parents Brochure
Star Poster
Matching Shorts are optional @ $15

When and where are the games?

All soccer matches will be held at the soccer fields on the grounds of Harvest Assembly of God on Saturday mornings, April through early June, 2017. Game times will vary each week beginning at 9am, starting promptly on the hour. Game times are 1 hour.

When and where are the practices?

In order not to overwhelm each player and family, there will only be 1 Practice per week for 1 hour only. Practices also will either begin or end with a 15 minute huddle time. No practices or games will be held on Wednesday or Sunday. The practice location will also be at Harvest’s fields. Exact practice nights and times will be determined later, once we have all registrations and team counts in.

What about cleats and shin guards?

Cleats are highly recommended, but not required to play soccer. Shin guards ARE required. We want to make sure our players are safe and with all the kicking that takes place, shin guards are a must. You can generally find them at most sporting good stores and frequently even at discount chains.

How long is the season?

Games will be held on Saturdays from late April through early June. First practice will be the week of 4/10/2017. First game day is 4/22/2017. Final game day is 6/10/2017.

Will my child receive a trophy?

Every child will receive an “End of the Year Award”. Each child will receive the same award regardless of wins or losses during the season. This award may or may not be a trophy. The award will be a special award for the child to remember the season. In other Upward leagues, awards have included sports watches, duffel bags, trophies, medallions, etc.

Team victories and losses?

We do not maintain any league standings such as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, place teams, or officially track wins and loss records. Score will be kept at each game of the older players, however no official league standings will be kept. For the younger leagues, our focus is on learning the sport and the basics of how to play, so we do not keep score at these games. We would rather focus on each child having a positive sports experience and build each child’s self esteem. Children simply want to have fun and a good time and we are focused on making that happen.

Playing time?

Each child will play at least ½ of every game where they are present. These playing times are predetermined by an Upward rotation schedule. Every child on the team will play according to a rotation schedule regardless of skill level.

Can I coach my child’s team?

Parents are encouraged to participate as coaches.  Each Coach is required to attend a Coaches Training session and sign a Coaches Code of Ethics Form. All coaches and referees will receive a Coaches handbook from Upward to help train each coach and give helpful and useful guidelines to use throughout the season.

How can I pay for registration?

Parents may pay by cash or check on Evaluation/Orientation day 3/4/2017 or 3/25/2017. You may also pre-register and pay online by visiting Upward’s registration page for our league.

All checks should be made payable to: Harvest Assembly of God